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South Florida Photo Private and Group Classes

  • You are new to photography and want to learn how to use your camera
  • You just purchased a new camera and want to learn how to use it
  • Learn photography and how to use your camera the easy way
  • Interactive classes to help answer all of your photography questions
  • Timely photography tips to help you choose the right photo equipment
  • Photography classes during the week and weekend for your busy schedule
  • Photography tips that save you money and improve your photography
  • One quick two hour class can improve your photography for a lifetime
  • Never again have to read a 300+ page camera manual
  • We are one of the top photography schools in South Florida
  • Learn Photography one on one with exclusive and private training classes available.
  • We have a high returning student rate, because we deliver!
  • We accommodate your schedule and needs to make your photography class an exceptional and enjoyable experience!

Learn Photography and How to Use Your Camera

  • Photography Classes are convenient and cost effective. The results will last a lifetime.
  • You meet others that enjoy photography as much as you do and make life long friends!
  • Learn Photography from a South Florida Professional Photographer and benefit from decades of photographic experience to learn the best methods quickly!
  • The class is very easy to follow and the Phase One Course is perfect for learning how to use your camera!
  • The Two Hour Phase One Course can eliminate years of frustration you’ve gone through trying to take nice photos.
  • We go above and beyond just for you! Lifetime access to our instructors, tips on the best featured and priced camera or equipment for your budget, which lens to get for the type of photography you enjoy, and peace of mind knowing you always have a professional available to help!

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