Lighting Workshop

$395 $295

Three full hours of hands on lighting practice and learning.


The Lighting Workshop Series is comprised of both  the Phase One and Phase Two Lighting Workshops to help develop a great understanding of any lighting scenario.

Basic Lighting Workshop

Learn the basics of lighting with our workshop designed to give you hands on experience. Three hours of information, demonstrations, and feedback to help you discover the best methods to control light and improve your photos.

Bring your own lighting or use our professional studio lights

3 Hours Hands On Practice, Demonstrations, Tips and Feedback

• Learn the best lighting to use for any photo

Course Description:

During the Phase One Lighting Workshop we cover the following topics:

• Types of Lighting and which is best to use

• Lighting Modifiers (Soft Boxes, Umbrellas, etc.)

• Backgrounds

• Equipment needed for both studio and portable lighting setups

Lighting Tips

• One, Two, and Three Light Setups

• Portable vs. Studio Lighting

• Specialty Lighting (Green Screen, Products, etc.)

• Fine tune your lighting skills for beautiful, professional results