Outdoor Photography Classes

Outdoor Photography Classes

We have a great location at the beach for Outdoor Photography Classes. Learn how to use your camera or enhance your skills outdoors with a variety of shooting scenarios to practice what you have learned.


“Great Location!” – Kaley Student


Classes that Fit Your Style

We hold outdoor classes for sunrise shoots Early Mornings, Evenings or Weekends. We accommodate your needs to fit your schedule.

Spend your time shooting at the beach and other locations to master your camera. Quick, easy and convenient classes can focus on the things that matter to you most.


Capture the beauty of the outdoors and create forever memories. Helpful tips on how to get the best photos. Master your camera and get instant help with your camera, lenses, tripod and composition. Discover which settings will give you the best results to capture your vision. Use your lens and zoom to capture the moment as you remember it.
Whether you are learning outdoor photography for a hobby or income, your photos will reward you with lasting happiness. Hone your skills and take your vacation photos to the next level capturing beautiful scenes with easy to follow tips. Expert advice on photo gear as well as ideas to make your photography journey enjoyable and impress your friends and family! No prior experience is required as we take you step by step to understanding your camera and photography.
Learn how to use your flash to enhance and spice up your images. Whether you shoot landscapes, portraits, wildlife, nature, night skies or family photos, your images will improve with step by step instruction from an expert in photography. Use your flash to create beautiful photos that make you say wow! Easy ways to understand your flash and location lighting in ways you never thought possible.
Planning that once in a lifetime vacation or just out exploring for the day? We show you how to capture it as you remember to relive the moment. Classes are designed to help you with the photography that is most important to you. Working with an experienced photographer who has shot millions of photos will improve your photography in a way that is easy to understand.

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